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Hat Pin collection

This section is devoted to our finished hat pins; some are made with Vintage glass beads, some rare and limited to quantity, while others are new designs
~ each one is unique and  made to order~

Trés  Retro!
Green With Envy Stick Pin

Huge vintage green glass beads top new hat pins with gold-plated accents.
Colors vary from light to very dark.

$29.99 each
Quantity :
color :
size :

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Cobalt Beauty Stick Pin

Vintage Cobalt  glass "eye" beads sit atop new hat pins with gold-plated accents.

$29.99 each
Quantity :
color :
size :

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Taliesin Nights Stick Pin Set
Vintage Czech Jet faceted  beads. These Jet beads show age, wear; we will pick the best of what's available.
*due to limited supply, vintage beads may vary.

$24.99 pair

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size :


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Barber Shop Beauty Stick Pin
Vintage blue-red striped "barber-pole" ceramic beads with Vintage Jet facetted beads.
*quantities limited.

$34.99 each
Quantity :
color :
size :
Each hat pin is custom-made to order using hard-to-find Vintage beads. Due to their uniqueness, beads may vary; our personal touch is interwoven into each one. We send each set in a gold or silver foil gift box.

Due to the age of the faceted beads, there may be considerable wear and less AB finish-we will pick the best of the lot for the most dramatic hat pins.

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Teapot Hat Pins

 Hat Pin Tips and Tricks
on creating your own beaded hat pins!

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