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Tips on using Glues
(Hair Stick Crafters and Hat Pin Ladies, PLEASE READ!)

We recommend using E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive for  a more durable, longer lasting rigid hold and strong bond.
The temptation to use an "instant" adhesive that is fast-drying can have disastrous results over time, especially when using to cement crystals or glass beads. Superglues contain cyanoacrylate to facilitate quick drying, but over time will shrink  and become brittle, causing crystals or glass beads to separate from their findings (hat pins).  Simply wearing the item or dropping it on a hard surface may be all it takes to knock your beads loose.

If you are finding that application of epoxy is a bit messy, try using a toothpick to take a bit of the epoxy directly from the tube, then use the toothpick to apply dots of glue to your items. No mess, no hit-and-miss trying to re-insert the pin into the tiny pin-tip applicator on the G-S Hypo Cement.

GS-Hypo cement is great for coating knots on elastic cord and Wirelace mesh ribbon,  when a medium hold is all that is needed, because it remains soft and pliable. The pinpoint nozzle make application quick and easy and exactly on the mark.  It dries fast, for those gotta-get-it-done projects!


Other Items

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Wood Ring

Wood Rings paired with bone or wood shawl pins, provide the perfect hold.

black bone shawl pins

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