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Crow Style Knife Sheath
Knife Sheath is constructed from
buffalo harness leather
, old color
seed beads, tin cones and
smoked brain tan buckskin.

1/2 Size Arapaho Dress
Design is based on a old dress circa 1880's. Constructed from buckskin, natural earth stains, old style hawk bells.

Medicine Arrow grass
Medicine Arrow
Hang above your doorway bad spirits are caught in the sweetgrass braid and shot back outside by the arrow while good spirits are allowed to enter.

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friendship arrows
Friendship Arrows
In Native American culture crossed  arrows represent friendship.

Arrows are constructed from metal arrow points made from old barrel bands,
hardwood arrow shafts, wild turkey feathers, natural earth stain ownership
markings and sinew.

Sioux War Club
Made from Solid Maple, brass tack work,
natural earth stains, hand painted red tail hawk

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