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Black War Bonnet Buffalo Robe
The Black War Bonnet design was used by many

of the Plains tribes. A warrior owning such a robe
would have been held in high esteem among his tribe.

   The circle of eagle feathers resembles a war bonnet
when laid flat.
Price is subject to market price of buffalo hides.
Other designs are available.
Brain Tanned winter buffalo robe, natural earth stains.
Special Order, please e mail for further info.


Northern Cheyenne Shirt
  Design based on a circa 1880's shirt.
Constructed from commercial
brain tan buckskin, natural earth stains,
seed beads,
horse hair drops.


Parfleche Sacred Bag
These Parfleche bags were used to carry
personal medicine items. Hung above the
owners bed inside the lodge or at the back
of the teepee on a tripod to ward

off evil spirits.  Constructed from rawhide,
natural earth stains, and buckskin.



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