Teapot Hat Pins

Lapel Pin Royal Purple

Pearls Treasures Scarf Pin

*TIP: Sometimes the hole in a metal bead or bead cap is just a tiny bit too small for a hat pin. You can open up the hole just enough to accept a hat pin by using a Bead Reamer Tool.
The fine diamond tip is just the thing for opening up a hole so you can use a larger variety of beads on your hat pins! *Caution: does not work well with glass beads, which can break and cause injury.When you've gathered together a collection of  beads for decorating your hat pins, you are ready to begin assembling your pins!
You may have a question: how to keep those beads staying put and not sliding down the pin~ SIMPLE! 
First: thread selected beads onto the hat pin, add one open-end clutch to the end of your beads, twisting them on to begin, (the clutches are tight)  then add a second clutch to the bottom to cover the point and secure the pin to the hat or garment.*TIP:
The clutches we are supplying are extremely tight at first, a good thing for a secure hold.
Here's how to get them up on the pins:  
Grip the clutch , using Crimp Pliers.
The pliers provide a perfect grip around the neck of the clutch and will not mar the finish.#2. Gently twist while guiding the clutch over the point until the point is just clear of the open end.
While holding the clutch in one hand, pull the pin through with Chain Nose Pliers,
then pull the length of the pin through the clutch, taking care not to force the clutch or bend the pin. Just like threading a needle.
If you find you still have trouble with pushing up the strong clutch, try using our Easy Slide barrel style Clutch. The hole is large enough to slide up the pin, while providing support for beads.

Fancy Beaded Hat Stick Pins
You will need the following components:
1.  Stick Pin Blanks, the size of your choice
2. 3-4mm metal or glass seed bead for Teapot finial *optional.
3. 2 small bead caps
4. Accent  beads for top and bottom: Combo Bead Packs work well!
5. 2 clutches, 1 barrel style hole through, and 1 bullet style closed end.

Another way to secure beads to your pins is to glue a 3x2 crimp bead at the end of your bead arrangement. Simply bead onto the hat pin, add the crimp after the last bead, and using your crimping pliers tighten the crimp, apply a little craft adhesive, and add another clutch to the point, to finish the pin.