Hair Stick Beading Instructions and Tips

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Some examples of hair stick clip-ons
Hair sticks can be fashioned by using a 1 inch eye pin and a touch of glue to the inside of the hole drilled in the end of each stick.

A 2x2mm crimp bead can be placed inside the hole before adding the eye pin, to take up any slack that may be present if the hole is a bit large.

* You can also stick the end of a toothpick in the hole next to the eye pin, breaking it off cleanly, and file down any excess toothpick with a nail file, emery board or diamond tip reamer attachment.

You will need the following items:
1   hair stick, end drilled
1  one 3 inch hat stick pin, for a longer, sturdier pin decoration.
Bead cap (optional)
crimp bead, and a dab of Jewelry and Craft Adhesive to secure the pin
Glass beads, Czech pressed glass, Foil Beads.

Bead caps and an eye pin or eye screw can be used to camouflage the end of the hair stick, thereby adding a touch of flair to the finished product



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