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Lead-Safe Information

In order to comply with standard industry terms, Many Horses Jewelry Supply now designates products lead-safe that meet or exceed current state, federal and/or international laws regarding lead content in jewelry.

In addition to normal quality control procedures and a routine lead-testing process, Many Horses Jewelry Supply works closely with suppliers and testing agencies to ensure our products meet the requirements listed by California's Lead-Containing Jewelry Law, the most stringent law in the United States regarding lead content in adult jewelry, the labeling requirements of California's Proposition 65 and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Where can you get more information?

In an effort to share this important information with the jewelry-making community, we've identified the following resources for the most current information on lead and corresponding requirements.

California Lead-Containing Jewelry Law

This law limits the amount of lead in jewelry, including children's jewelry and body piercing jewelry. It prohibits the sale of jewelry, or jewelry components, in California that are not made entirely from materials that are included on a special list. This list defines three "classes" of materials that do not contain lead, or only contain lead in trace amounts. This law applies to people who manufacture, ship, sell or offer jewelry for retail sale in California.

Proposition 65 - California

Proposition 65 (also called the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, or just "Prop 65") requires (among other things) that some businesses that sell lead-containing products in California provide a warning label with those products to alert customers of their potential toxicity.

Please note that none of our products are intended for children's jewelry designs or for use by children.


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